Ayur Read Pro – Ayurvedic glasses to get rid of vision defects

Ayur Read Pro

Sight problemsDo you know that over 65% of Poles don’t regularly check their eyesight? What’s more, half of the people in our country confirm that they have a vision defect. Most people suffer from myopia, a huge number suffer from astigmatism and farsightedness. Even the youngest have double vision, and seniors are often diagnosed with cataracts. Polish society is not aware of the necessity of examining and treating eyesight, and yet eyes are our “window to the world”.

Ophthalmologists admit that there is still a huge problem with visual impairment. Most patients report to doctor’s offices when the disease is at an advanced stage of development, and then the treatment is long, difficult and does not always give the desired results. The best option is to respond to the first alarming symptoms, thanks to which leveling the sight dysfunction can be not only fully effective, but also completely safe. Special Ayurvedic Ayur Read Pro were created for people who recognized a vision problem. This is a real revolution on the ophthalmic market. It is worth to learn more about this method of treating eye defects with Old Indian medicine.

Ayur Read Pro – a natural technique for fighting vision defects

It is worth noting that Ayurvedic methods of eliminating many diseases were developed in antiquity and have since been appreciated for their excellent effects. The treatment of various vision problems is therefore primarily natural, without side effects, completely safe and, most importantly, effective.

According to the technique of eliminating problems with seeing ancient Indians, Ayur Read Pro have been created, thanks to which various vision defects can be combated, including:

  • astigmatism,
  • farsightedness,
  • myopia,
  • cataracts,
  • presbyopia,
  • strabismus,
  • dry eye syndrome,
  • eye strain.

Ayur Read Pro can also be used as one of the elements of rehabilitation after ophthalmic surgery.

It turns out that regular wearing of Ayur Read Pro improves eyesight with an effect similar to invasive treatment, which is carried out in modern ophthalmologic offices, which use modern medicine as part of therapy.

A return to nature and the ways that were discovered thousands of years ago may pay off. The Ayurvedic method, which uses contactless glasses, gives just as good results.

Ayur Read Pro – who should wear ayurvedic glasses?

Of course, everyone who noticed deterioration of vision, but also those who want to act preventively. Ayur Read Pro are recommended primarily for people who perform office work in front of a computer monitor. Scientific studies have shown that 2-3 hours in front of the screen contribute to eye strain, irritation, redness, burning, general discomfort, and in the long term, of course, to permanent visual impairment.

Anyone can use Ayur Read Pro. They are safe regardless of age and lifestyle. You do not need to wear them constantly to improve the vision process, but it is recommended that they should be on your nose when reading, watching TV or working in front of a computer.

Importantly, Ayurvedic glasses can be worn by both adults and children, regardless of the degree and type of vision impairment.

Ayur Read Pro –the ancient method of treatment in a modern setting

You probably wonder how the Ayur Read Pro work? Well, thanks to them, the image reaches the eye through small holes, which stimulates it to increased effort, which results in strengthening the eyeball muscles.

The effect of wearing Ayurvedic glasses is noticeable almost immediately, but optimal results and improved vision can be seen after a minimum of 6 weeks of regular wearing of Ayur Read Pro. In the first stage of the treatment, it is worth putting on the glasses for a short time to gradually increase the time of using therapy improving vision up to a maximum of 2-3 hours each day.

Ayur Read Pro help:

  • restore clear vision,
  • strengthen and relax the eyeball muscles,
  • stimulate the eye for exercise.

Studies that confirm the operation of ayurvedic Ayur Read Pro

The ancient Ayurvedic method has been subject to and continues to enjoy great interest from medics and scientists over the years. They have no doubt that it is as effective in eliminating eye defects as modern ophthalmic techniques.

The invention of Ayur Read Pro has been hailed as a real revolution on the market of medical services in the field of treatment of vision disorders. Not surprisingly, specialists in various parts of the world have started clinical trials and tests to prove the effects of this non-invasive method of eye therapy.

Noteworthy is primarily the research carried out in Sweden by a team of scientists led by Polish specialist and expert in Ayurvedic medicine, Andrzej Porzecki. Exactly 100 people were invited to this experiment, who complained about various kinds of sight defects. Some suffered from myopia, others struggled with double vision, while others were diagnosed with cataracts. All subjects were divided into two groups: one for 6 weeks worn Ayur Read Pro each day for 2 hours, the other used placebo. The results of these tests confirm the effectiveness of glasses constructed in accordance with Ayurvedic medicine. We present them below.

Improved visionEliminating myopiaEliminating farsightednessCataract reductionCombating dry eye syndrome

Getting rid of tired eyes

Ayur Read Pro97%89%91%87%95%98%

As much as 97% of respondents confirmed an improvement in visual acuity, and 98% got rid of ailments typical of chronically fatigued eyes, i.e. tearing, burning or redness. It should be noted that the study involved people selected regardless of gender and age, and the only factor considered was the occurrence of various types of vision disorders.

Opinions of people who thanks to Ayur Read Pro eliminated vision disorders

Although not only the manufacturer, but also a wide range of scientists and doctors speak positively about Ayur Read Pro, it is worth getting to know the most credible opinions that come from people who have already undergone the support of treatment of vision defects with Ayurvedic glasses. Thousands of people from all over the world can’t possibly be wrong. Here are some examples:

Anna from Malbork,34:

“Vision problems began for me right after pregnancy. I began to lose sight gradually. At first, I couldn’t see the number of the oncoming bus, but soon after, it became a problem to read my favorite newspaper. The ophthalmologist diagnosed me with myopia and recommended optical glasses.

Unfortunately, the price of making them exceeded my financial capabilities, which is why I started looking for an equally effective, but cheaper alternative. That’s how I found Ayur Read Pro and made the decision to order them even faster when I found out that they were made in accordance with the secrets of natural medicine from ancient India. I made sure that I can only expect positive effects, no side effects.

I was surprised, when my vision began to improve after a few days of wearing these glasses. After a week I put them on only for reading. Today is exactly 8 weeks after the end of the treatment. I freed myself from myopia, and ophthalmological examinations ruled out the necessity of wearing prescription glasses. “

The following opinions speak for themselves …

Ryszard from Mrągowo, 58:

“I’ve been working in front of a computer monitor for many years. No wonder my eyes are tired, and I suffer from dry eye syndrome. I also feel their irritation, my eyelids often burn, and they are red. Only a few years ago I used special covers for a computer screen, but it has long been proven that this method doesn’t work. I started to wear glasses and my eyesight improved, but the eye fatigue problems remained.

I reached for Ayur Read Pro because a colleague from work recommended them to me. Initially, I put them on only to work at the computer and after a few days I got rid of irritation of eyeballs and eyelids. After the treatment, my eyes don’t hurt. It’s been a long time since the end of the 6-week treatment, but I still use these glasses every day of my work. I think that thanks to them I regained full comfort of seeing. “

Effects you can count on

You must know that the vast majority of visual disturbances are directly related to the loss of the eye’s ability to accommodate, that is, to adapt to the proper refraction of light, so that it can focus exactly on the retina of the eye. The operation of Ayur Read Pro is based on the natural stimulation of eye function by weakening the so-called peripheral vision. As a result, light reaches the pupils, which are forced to look only through the center, through small holes, at a right angle and doesn’t refract, and the image that forms on the retina gains focus.

This is how Ayur Read Pro work, which help to eliminate visual disturbances such as myopia, farsightedness, cataracts or dry eye syndrome and chronic eye strain.

Ayur Read Pro – FAQ

What Ayurvedic Ayur Read Pro look like?
Ayur Read Pro are black glasses made of safe plastic. Instead of a standard lens, their frame has a dark shutter with numerous holes. It is these holes that force the eye to turn off peripheral vision, making vision sharper.

I wear optical glasses – can I also wear Ayur Read Pro?
Ayur Read Pro can be worn interchangeably with traditional optical glasses. It is recommended to put them on for reading or working in front of a computer monitor.

Should you consult a doctor when wearing Ayur Read Pro?
The use of Ayurvedic medicine techniques is completely safe for the entire human body, including the eye. Therefore, regular wearing of Ayur Read Pro doesn’t need to be consulted with an ophthalmologist or optician. It is worth noting that Ayurvedic glasses don’t cause any side effects or affect the simultaneous treatment of vision defects by other techniques.

Are there any contraindications for wearing Ayur Read Pro?
There are no contraindications for wearing Ayur Read Pro, and this technique of strengthening eyesight and improving vision perception can also be used by children. It should be remembered that after a few hours of wearing Ayurvedic glasses, temporary deterioration of vision may occur, but this is a temporary and completely normal effect – this is the result of limiting the brightness by installing lens less frames only with small holes.

27 thoughts on “Ayur Read Pro – Ayurvedic glasses to get rid of vision defects

  1. I have been struggling with amblyopia problems for many years. The worst thing is when it gets dark. I feel like I would be blind then … No ophthalmologist told me that, like muscle training, it is important to take care and systematically exercise your eyesight. I have got Ayur Read Pro for the second week. The sight seems to be more durable and more resistant to discomfort associated with sight deterioration.

    1. vorrei comprarli anche io, ho letto tanti commenti positivi di questi occhiali, può migliorare la miopia? dove posso comprarli? spero di avere delle risposte, grazie

  2. I bought them when they were in the testing phase, now my husband and children have them as a preventive measure. I join all the positive opinions about these glasses.

  3. I ordered them today; they will be here in two days. I hope that they will help … This is probably my last chance to return to normality.

  4. Hi,I am 54 years old,I can’t read news paper without glasses and can’t see far,so am using glasses all time
    How can I get ayur read pro
    Are theme to use all time or just 4 weeks as read obout
    Many thanks

  5. I have increased my exercises to over an hour a day, thanks to Ayur Read Pro I do not have red eyes. I go to sleep normally; the itching of my eyes is gone.

  6. When I am tired, I always put on Ayur Read Pro and go out to the balcony, trying to see the details across the street. It’s hard, but then I drink tea and my eyesight works again at 110%.

  7. Since I found out that I have a corneal cone, I had to start acting. At 25, my eyesight is blurred, and it drives me crazy. I read about Ayurveda and I am curious about these glasses with holes…

  8. I am grateful! I don’t have to sit in the first row at lectures anymore. Daily evening exercises with ayur read pro gave excellent results!!!! Thank you again!

  9. Very good product. At first this feeling of looking through the holes is a little strange, but after two or three days you start to understand what is going on. An interesting method and most importantly effective.

  10. I am a mail truck driver. I also work on weekends and my courses usually take place at night. The 10 years of working behind the wheel has taken its toll. I squint my eyes and when I drive with a second driver, they ask me if I am falling asleep. It is a joke, but I got Ayur Read Pro as a gift from my colleagues. I will tell you that I drive much better and I have been practicing for a week.

  11. Hi, I read a lot of positive opinions on this subject. Is the product really worth its price? Thanks for the answer.

  12. Yes, but keep an eye on sales. When a lot of people are buying, sales are activated, and you can get them for -50% of the price. The effects of Ayur Read Pro in comparison with the price are 10/10 rating for me.

  13. Tell me what time of day is the best time to practice? During the day I am at work and in the evenings, I do not know if the artificial light is appropriate…

  14. In the manual of ayur read pro there is written that it’s best with daylight, unless you have a light at some kelvin level that generates light close to natural. Read the manual best.

  15. I join all positive opinions about ayur read pro. This is the treatment that drove me out of the complexes associated with glasses and squinting eyes.

  16. I have problems with the eyeball genetically. Unfortunately, no one has ever told me how important prevention and exercise is. Normally I would compare it to gym training. You don’t train, there are no effects. Fortunately, it is getting better every day and every month. Greetings to everyone

  17. Of course, I first tried the cheaper versions that I found on the Internet. And it turned out that I spent almost 3x more money. Ayur read Pro is a solid and durable product. These holes are not accidental, and you can feel that they are solid. Over three months of daily use and they look like new.

  18. There is nothing to save on health. I bought ayur for myself, my parents, and children when they grow up, I will give them it to exercise. There is no need to wonder.

  19. Good morning everybody, I have a question, I live in Luxembourg do I have the possibility to order original Ayur Read Pro glasses here? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  20. I think about my attempt to exercise. I lie down on the bed and browse through Facebook. But I guess the light from my cell phone is not the best solution for a hard-working eye.

  21. People, come on. It makes no sense to browse social media during eye training. It is all about being as close to nature as possible according to Ayurveda. Go to the park, garden or in front of the block every day, wear Ayur Read Pro and look at the plants and birds.

  22. Effectiveness confirmed by science and research. We join with my mother in these assurances. Ayur Read Pro simply works.

  23. Good morning, I am 64 years old. Do I still have a chance to improve my eyesight with this product?

  24. I received the product today. It is impressive, nicely, and safely packed and above all solidly made. Professionalism is something I like most. I hope for the same results. If you do not know where to buy? At the top you have a link.

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